hi i'm NORA or SHRISTI i'm south asian indian hindu non binary lesbian he love prns only. cr buncrds for this layout

i like making carrds, my friends, desi culture, music, saturdays, otters, animals, food, travelling, ice cream and more !

before you interact : i make kms/kys jokes (mainly only with my friends) but lmk if you're uncomfy, i dont use tone tags but i will if you need them, i'm inactive sometimes, use tws/cws with me, i talk about groups i dont like sometimes, i use caps a lot.

do not interact : over 18, basic dni criteria, if you like skz, suju, clc, enhypen, oh my girl (doesn't apply if you've been affected by their actions or you hyperfixate). homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist, invalidate neoprns, kpop over morals, you take kpop too seriously, anti desi or poc.


enter a different chat room for ur interests! https://buncrds.com/chatroom02

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i listen to fromis_9 wjsn lesserafim newjeans raveena keshi stayc loona youra clairo dia gwsn yukika cherrybullet youha cignature flo and many more

i've watched youth of may, true beauty, wfkbj, f4 thailand, 2gether, shooting stars, sweet home, all of us are dead, shadow beauty, my id is gangnam beauty, the doctors, alice in borderland, girl from nowhere, business proposal, twenty five twenty one


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